Why Choose Thermofused Melamine Panels for Your Next Project?

Remodeling on a budget can be hard. Most of the time, you have to cut corners, which can result in a less than stellar finished product. Avoid that disappointment next time with thermofused melamine panels. Made mostly of particleboard with a treated top layer, these panels are an ideal pick for your next refurbishment.

Whether fixing up the office or the home, here are some great reasons to shop thermofused melamine panels.

Price savings

Particleboard isn’t a costly material. However, don’t underestimate it just because it’s cheap. The particleboard slab used for each panel is thick. In the end, the most you’re paying for per tile is the finish, which can be a layer of veneer, wood, or just about anything you want. The savings are significant compared to other types of panels.


Thermofused melamine is made to be tough, and it’s able to handle scratches, spills, and stains easily. It also stands up to moisture and heat, so even in the sometimes-scorching Las Vegas weather, you don’t have to worry about these tiles bucking under pressure.


How do you want to design your panels? With melamine tiles, the choice is yours. Do you want a wood finish made of alder, teak, or even cypress? Maybe you like simple surfaces like black or pearlescent white. Perhaps you’re craving a bold finish, like bright red, deep brown, or even pale pink. No matter your preference, you can get these panels finished with a decorative top layer you’ll love.

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