What Is Quarter Sawing?

When buying durable lumber for a residential or commercial building project, it often comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This wood is typically cut with a chainsaw, the most common means of obtaining lumber. However, there
are other methods, such as quarter sawing.  

What is quarter sawing and why use it? Here is all you need to know about this interesting wood-cutting process.

What is quarter sawing?

Quarter sawing is the process of cutting down wood in quarters. It starts with removing a log or thick branch from a tree. You must then draw quarter marks along the inside of the log, marking it off quarter by quarter. Then you cut, again, quarter by quarter. The pieces you get from this process are often uniform in shape and size.

Why is wood quarter sawed?

This process may seem time-consuming and complex, but it’s actually quite useful. When designing a commercial building project, building stability is the utmost concern. If you just use an old chainsaw to cut wood and then build with that, it’s steady, yes, but not as much so if you build with quarter sawed wood.

What are the benefits of quarter sawing?

There are other benefits to quarter sawing. The wood tends to look more appealing because it wasn’t just randomly cut. It’s renowned for its durability and strength. The pieces were cut with care, so they’re more likely to hold up longer.

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