What Are Thermofused Melamine Panels?

When remodeling your home or office, you want durable materials that can hold up to years of normal wear and tear. You also want something inexpensive that sticks within your budget. Thermofused melamine, sometimes also called thermal-fused melamine, is the answer, as it’s both tough and cheap.

What is thermofused melamine?

Thermofused melamine panels are often made of particleboard. A veneer layer may be added with various types of wood, including red birch, red oak, white maple, steamed beech, cherry, and alder. Next, the panel is finished with a decorative top layer that is treated to last longer. As the customer, you can choose the appearance of the top melamine layer.

What are its benefits?

Melamine is quite reliable. Although it’s not the first material that often springs to mind when buying tiles, its dependability and affordability are among its two biggest benefits. When renovating a floor, you normally pay by the tile. With thermofused melamine tiles, this won’t be such a burden on your wallet.

Then there’s the toughness of melamine. If these tiles are scratched or scuffed, they won’t show any signs of it. There’s no need to worry about stains of any sort since these also won’t stick to the surface. While certain materials like wood can warp with too much humidity, melamine can stand up to moisture and heat without bending.

Where can I find it?

Are you interested in getting melamine tiles for your home or office? Contact us at Peterman Lumber. Since 1979, Peterman Lumber in Ventura County, California has been a trusted choice for all your lumber needs. Founder Clair “Pete” Peterman has expanded the business, which today has a customer service center and a corporate yard that spans 11 acres. We carry more than 100 varieties of melamine tiles to fit any room. Contact us today to learn more!