Tips for Decorating with Crown and Base Moulding

Crown moulding, which adds flourish to the upper walls in the home, and base moulding, which provides visual appeal to the bottoms of the walls, really liven up a room. If you’re thinking of getting new moulding for your home, you may not be sure where to start. You want to pick moulding that won’t go out of style in the next few years. The styles can’t clash, but must be complementary.

Don’t stress. Just follow these tips for seriously impressive crown and base moulding.

1. Keep walls neutral

If you’re going with an ornate and complicated moulding design, either for the base or the crown, all eyes will be on the walls. Keep the rest of the walls uncluttered. Choose a neutral wallpaper or paint color, like gray, white, black, or pale blue. Paint the wall a single color and refrain from hanging artwork or anything else that draws attention from the moulding.

2. Consider cabinets in the kitchen

If you get crown moulding in the kitchen, have the moulding added to the tops of the cabinets, too. This may be a costlier addition, but it creates uniformity that will make your kitchen your new favorite room in the house.

3. Don’t be restricted by ceiling height

The rule of thumb is that crown moulding should only be used on higher ceilings. Have a one-story home and still want this moulding? Try creating depth with dark ceilings and light walls or vice-versa.

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