Remodeling Your Floors with Fine Architectural Hardwoods

Remodeling your floors is a big investment. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for less than the most premium materials. By shopping for fine architectural hardwoods at Peterman Lumber, you can ensure you’ll get strong, durable, long-lasting floors.

Our Floors

We have a huge variety of hardwood flooring options for your home, boasting more than 60 species. These include softwoods like western red cedar, Spanish cedar, redwood, knotty pine, hemlock, cypress, and clear pine.

You can also get domestic lumber, such as wormy chestnut, poplar, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, beech, aspen, butternut, and ash.

Looking for exotic hardwoods? We carry those, too. We have a great selection of exotic woods, among them afromosia, purpleheart, cumaru, teak, lacewood, ipe, cocobolo, and koa.

What Makes Us Different

At Peterman Lumber, we pride ourselves not only on our selection of wood, but how it’s prepared. We’ll quarter-saw or rift-saw some species of wood. These careful cutting methods have several benefits. Here’s why quarter-sawn wood is better:

  • If painted, quarter-sawn wood will chip and fade less compared to painted wood that is not quarter-sawn.
  • These hardwood floors may be less likely to warp from exposure to moisture.
  • The wood will look uniform as it gets older, even if different types of wood are used.
  • There’s less chances of the wood cupping or twisting.
  • Each plank is less likely to contract and expand as often, which means the wood will hold its shape.
  • Distinct grain is reduced, making the hardwoods look polished and appealing.



How to Shop


Ready to shop for hardwoods? You can find it at Peterman Lumber. Since 1979, Peterman Lumber in Las Vegas, Nevada has been a reliable choice for all your lumber needs. Founder Clair “Pete” Peterman has expanded the business, which today has a customer service center and a corporate yard that spans 11 acres. Call us today or check out our website to browse our lumber selection.