Busting 3 Common Crown Moulding Myths

The beauty of crown moulding makes it covetable. If you’re remodeling your home, you might be interested in getting this moulding. You did your research, yet what you found gave you pause.

If you read that this moulding

only looks good in certain kinds of homes, that’s just not so. Unfortunately, there are some prevalent myths floating around pertaining to crown moulding. We’re here to bust those myths once and for all.

Myth: If you’re getting crown moulding, it should be uniform throughout the home.

Truth: It’s your home. Do what you want!

The rooms in your home don’t all look alike. Why should you get the same moulding style for two totally different rooms? You can select a uniform style for all rooms if you prefer, or you can get different moulding styles from room to room.

Myth: You should only get white mouldings.

Truth: Don’t limit yourself to a single color.

You don’t have to settle for one color. While white often blends in with almost any room, that’s not always true. You don’t have to get white mouldings just because you saw it online. The mouldings should match the color of the room.

Myth: Crown mouldings won’t work in my home because of the height of my ceilings.

Truth: A certain ceiling height is not a requirement.

This is a big myth. Many homeowners believe that because their ceilings aren’t high that they can’t have crown mouldings. That’s not the case at all! If you have a small space, you should especially get crown mouldings. These trick the eye into thinking there’s more height in a room.

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