The next generation of laminate surfaces. Fenix earns the title Super matte with its recognizable soft touch, and unique ability to thermally heal surface scratches. Fenix’s durability is a product of the nanotechnology used in the surface of this material.

The closed surface deters dust and water making it hygienic and easy to clean. Fenix goes through a unique electron beam curing process that scatters the surface with a dense grid of cross-polymers that create memory. If small scratches do occur, the memory can be activated with heat, helping the surface to return to its original appearance.

  • Super Matte Finish
  • One sided with color matched backer
  • Anti fingerprint
  • Peterman Lumber is the largest stocking distributor of Fenix in the southwest
  • Scratch, Moisture, & Chemical Resistant
  • Low light reflectivity
  • Soft smooth touch
  • Self-heals micro scratches with friction or heat
  • Coordinated material: Matching Board, HPL, Edge band & Made to order Doors