Planning a Commercial Building Project? Choose These Varieties of Durable Lumber

The lumber you choose for a commercial building project is very important. If you buy cheap wood, it could snap, which would be disastrous for the project. If you buy up though, you could spend far more than your budget allows for.

If you’re looking for durable lumber for your building project, keep these types of wood in mind. They’re typically affordable and won’t break the bank. For the cost, you get tough, reliable wood that will hold up for years.


Although not used nearly as often as hardwoods when building, softwoods do have their place. These can be used to design furniture and other commercial additions. When browsing for softwoods, try western red cedar, redwood, knotty pine, hemlock, cypress, clear pine, and aromatic cedar.

Traditional Hardwoods

Traditional hardwoods are great building materials. There are plenty of varieties at different price points, so you can surely find hardwood lumber that fits within your budget. Some examples are willow, poplar, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, beech, basswood, and aspen.

Exotic Hardwoods

If you have a bigger budget for your commercial building project or if you really want high-quality materials, exotic hardwoods are a great choice. While many traditional hardwoods come from trees within the United States, exotic hardwoods are sourced from countries all over the world.

Just some options at your disposal are zebrawood, purpleheart, teak, koa, jotoba, iroko, cumula, cocobolo, bloodwood, and afromosia.

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