With over 200 veneer options available Peterman Lumber specializes in veneer for architectural purposes. We are able to procure domestic and exotic hardwood species in any slice type, and have it matched and layed up to your specification. We have an educated sales team that is able to give knowledgeable recommendations to fabricators and designers to perfectly fit your project goals.   With Peterman you can:

  1. Select your Species
    1. Link to Hardwoods
  2. Select your Slice type
    1. Rotary Cut
    2. Plain SLice
    3. Quarter Slice
    4. Rift Cut
  3. Select your backer type
    1. Paper
    2. Wood Backed
    3. Peel & Stick
    4. Laid up to your Specification (link to Core Options)
  4. Select your match type
    1. Book Matched
    2. Random Matched
    3. Slip Matched