At Peterman Lumber we have a wide selection of specifications driven hardwoods to achieve the look you are going after. Our stock is geared towards interior architectural applications including cabinetry, furniture, doors, instruments, and other fine woodworking.

Premium Pulls

Aesthetics outside of grade that Peterman Lumber specifies from our mills: clarity, wide widths, and specified defects.

Color Pulls

Where Peterman specifies limited allowable sapwood or heartwood to give you the color consistency that you are looking for.

Wide Widths

Different Species have different allowable widths that they naturally grow to. For wider trunked species we do have wide pulls available. Not all trees are created equal, See Below: (Images of Alder, maple, and oak tree silhouettes)

Cut/ Sawn Type

All cuts are plain sawn unless otherwise specified. Some species have vastly different grain patterns depending on how they are cut. Look to see if your species has other cuts like Quartered or Rift. (Images of plain, quartered Rift)


Depending on your use of lumber you may need to specify the grade. Common Grades we have available are: clear, rustic, or furniture grade. The more detail you can give our trained reps on your specific needs the easier it will be to help you find the correct grade you are looking for.

We Stock Hardwoods 3 Ways **See Catalog

Rough (IMG) Blanked (img) Surfaced (img) Thickness Multiplier
4/4” 15/16” FON/LV: 25/32” PHX: 13/16” 1.00
5/4” 1-3/6” 1” 1.25
6/4” 1-7/16” 1-¼” 1.50
8/4” 1-15/16” 1-¾” 2.00
10/4” 2-7/16” 2” - Special Order 2.50
12/4” 2-15/16” 2-1/2” - Special Order 3.00
16/4” 3-15/16” 3-1/2” - Special Order 4.00

Lengths Vary and Depend on Species. Typically between 8-16ft

Typical Thickness; 4/4” – 16/4”

How We Charge:

Lumber is sold in the rough with no added charge. This is for our customers that want to use the organic characteristics of the lumber in their projects.Peterman Lumber does have milled options available so you can have a quality straight edge on your lumber. Milling services are charged at 10%of the total footage of the material. We use industrial grade equipment to straight edge material for you. The advantage of having us do the straightening is that it is cut with minimal waste and you can have an accurate straight edge to work off when using commercial grade tools.

Large runs are measured by tally stick and your price calculated by the board foot calculation below. You are paying for the volume of the lumber.

(Width in Inches x Length in feet x Thickness Multiplier) / Divided by 12

** Add 10% for Straight-lined and surfaced material