Ultra Modern, High Quality Finishes for Residential and Commercial Applications

TruMatte offers a soft touch and anti-fingerprint matte finish with the same depth and smoothness you come to expect from StyleLite. StyleLite materials are all acrylic PMMA capped ABS that give it high resistance to chipping and cracking, and at the same time give it the malleability to be able to able to be thermoformed. Delamination is never a concern around appliances that let off heat and steam because this acrylic product is laminated to the panel with a moisture sealed PUR glueline. All ¾” panels come standard on a high moisture resistant panel.

StyleLite is a laminate and panel system offering cabinet, closet and store fixture manufacturers, millworkers, furniture makers and the design industry a contemporary and highly flexible ultra gloss and matte solution that is both luxurious and affordable.

StyleLite delivers a far superior surface finish and appearance compared to high pressure laminate, PET, melamine, paint and RTF and other thinner acrylic laminate. EGR manufactures StyleLite laminate using  world class TruColor co-extrusion technology, then bonds it to various substrates using a super fine layer of high performance waterproof and highly heat resistant polyurethane (PUR) adhesive to produce StyleLite panels which are supplied ready to fabricate.

StyleLite laminates and panels are manufactured to stringent internationally recognized quality standards and are suitable for virtually any residential, retail, commercial, cultural or institutional project where a ripple free, highly durable and easy to maintain contemporary finish is desired.