The Benefits of Formica

Your kitchen countertops are the source of a lot of activity: this is where you prepare food, cook, and clean. However, that doesn’t mean these have to be unappealing. If you’re remodeling your kitchen counters, why not choose Formica?

Formica is a laminate most often used for countertops. Although it hasn’t always gotten the best rap, it’s coming back into favor as a durable, reliable material for all your cooking needs. If you want to renovate your kitchen on a budget, you’ll find this material is quite beneficial. Here are some other great Formica benefits.

It’s more attractive than it used to be

One of the biggest reasons for Formica’s former bad reputation was its looks. Many of the countertops of yore were plagued with unappealing colors and gaudy patterns. No more. Formica is classier and more contemporary than ever before, so it will blend into most kitchens effortlessly.

Cleaning is simple

You don’t need to use special cleaners like you would for other countertop surfaces. With Formica, just grab a wet paper towel and some dish soap to sop up messes and sticky stains.

You’ll have these countertops for years

Formica lasts. The material holds up to scratches, dings, cuts, and scuffs better than granite and other types of countertops. You won’t have to think about renovating again for years.

You can remodel on the cheap

Unlike granite countertops, you’re not going to pay a lot for a new countertop. Formica is surprisingly low-cost. Between its looks, easy cleaning, and durability, the value is clear.

Looking for a Formica countertop? Since 1979, Peterman Lumber in Phoenix, Arizona has been a reliable choice for all your lumber and remodeling needs. Founder Clair “Pete” Peterman has expanded the business, which today has a customer service center and a corporate yard that spans 11 acres. Visit our website or give us a call to discuss ordering a Formica countertop today.

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