How to Choose Between Wood Veneer and Laminates

While there are many types of wood out there, sometimes companies that manufacture furniture and other home goods don’t use just one type. They create a composite instead. This typically includes other materials like particleboard to make the wood composite more cost-effective.

Two examples of these composites are wood veneer and laminates. Although these look like wood, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. So what are the advantages of each type of material? How do you choose? We’re here to explain.

What Is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneer is named such because it does include wood, specifically hardwood. However, there’s not much of it. Comprised mostly of particleboard, wood veneer pieces are covered in adhesive to keep the particleboard stuck to the hardwood. Although this veneer is inexpensive, it still tends to look pretty good, so some people may not know the difference between wood veneer and real wood.

What Are Laminates?

Unlike veneers, laminated wood doesn’t look as natural. It’s designed to have a smooth, polished, almost artificial appearance. That comes from its laminated top layer. To add more realism, a manufacturer may make a faux wood grain on the top surface. Beneath that, there’s a layer of wood and possibly even a layer of particleboard. Laminates are even cheaper than veneers.

Which One Is Best For My Project?

Both wood veneers and laminates are affordable, so let your budget dictate which one to choose. Besides price, as mentioned, veneers typically have a more realistic wood appearance compared to laminates. However, in a pinch, laminates can be convincing, so don’t be deterred.

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