Choosing Shutters: What’s right for your home?

Take a walk outside onto your front lawn. Look at your shutters. Your home probably has them, but admittedly, you haven’t really noticed these. Now that you do, you see they could use some work. The shutter components are rusting and the shutters themselves could definitely use a fresh coat of paint.

Now that you think about it, you’re considering getting new shutters altogether. How do you choose the right ones for your home? Read our helpful tips.

1. Don’t Get Too Matchy-Matchy: It may be tempting to match your shutters to the paint you chose for your trim, siding, or even the front door. If you want to do that, pick one of those colors. If your trim is black but your door is white, the house is beige, and the roof is black, black may be your best choice. The color should pop, but it shouldn’t stand out too much.


2. Wood Is a Solid Choice: Wooden shutters are a classic for a reason. However, these are also susceptible to rotting or warping when exposed to the elements. If you use a weatherproofing treatment and repaint every few years, these have a timeless look you can’t get with composite shutters (made of fiberglass, PVC, and wood) or vinyl.

3. Decorate Wisely: Should you buy shutters that are more beautiful than functional or more functional than beautiful? It all depends on where you live. If you experience brutal winters and windy storms, you need strong, durable shutters. If the weather is calm and temperate where you live, go decorative.


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