Five Tips for Budgeting for a Hardwood Remodel

Hardwood flooring adds sophistication to almost any room in the home. It’s no wonder this flooring is so sought-after. That said, it takes time, patience, and a good budget for the hardwood remodel you’ve always wanted.

Here are five budgeting tips to get you started.

1. Start small

Don’t funnel hundreds of dollars into your project each week unless you can absolutely afford it. Instead, add maybe $20 or $50 every week or two towards the cost of the remodel. Over time, that money will add up.

2. Be patient

That said, you will have to be patient. A quality hardwood remodel will last for years, so it’s worth it to spend the time slowly saving up your money.

3. Research, research, research

After focusing on budgeting, you will have to find a hardwood supplier. Do your research. Look at the supplier’s location, cost for services, and their service record. Narrow it down to at least three suppliers.

4. Request quotes

Next, contact each supplier and get a quote. Most companies offer quotes for free, so this shouldn’t cut into your budget.

5. Compare quotes

Look at the quotes from all three (or more) hardwood suppliers. Which is the cheapest? Which is the most expensive? Remember the cheapest option isn’t always best, since you often get you what you pay for in terms of quality. Instead, look for a supplier with mid-range pricing that fits your budget.

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