With Lumber Prices Going up, Here’s Why Finding the Right Hardwood Supplier Matters

You knew that remodeling your home wouldn’t be cheap. That said, if you didn’t accommodate for the fluctuating prices of logs and lumber, you might get sticker shock when you discover just how much your project will really cost.

In fact, according to a timber report for July 2017, the price of logs and prices has jumped. The price increase keeps moving upward, especially as more people will rely on firewood in the fall and winter months.

At Peterman Lumber, we strive to be an affordable choice for all your lumber and hardwood needs. Since 1969, Peterman Lumber has been the premier hardwood supplier in states like CA (Ventura County), AZ (Phoenix), and NV (Las Vegas).

By quarter-sawing our own wood, we don’t have to worry about outsourcing or delivery charges. That means we can charge less, which saves you money. We also do our own standard and custom milling so we can sell our wood at prices in line with anyone’s budget. We have our own corporate yard to store all our lumber before it’s purchased.

We’d be happy to listen to details about your project and get you a quote. By visiting our website, you can even request a quick quote online. We strive to be competitive, professional, and—above all—fast with our quotes.

You only need to tell us your whole name, the name of your company, your email address, your phone number, and which of our three locations you’re closest to (California, Arizona, or Nevada). You can also tell us as much about your project as you have available, uploading blueprints, drawings, and supporting documents if you choose.

Contact us today to get started!

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