Month: February 2017

Why Do You Need to Wainscot?

Are your walls boring? Maybe they need a little something extra, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Could it be a new coat of paint? How about some wallpaper? Maybe you just need some framed photos. Why not try wainscoting? This beautiful wall paneling livens up even the most humdrum of walls… Read more »

Choosing Shutters: What’s right for your home?

Take a walk outside onto your front lawn. Look at your shutters. Your home probably has them, but admittedly, you haven’t really noticed these. Now that you do, you see they could use some work. The shutter components are rusting and the shutters themselves could definitely use a fresh coat of paint. Now that you… Read more »

How to Choose Between Wood Veneer and Laminates

While there are many types of wood out there, sometimes companies that manufacture furniture and other home goods don’t use just one type. They create a composite instead. This typically includes other materials like particleboard to make the wood composite more cost-effective. Two examples of these composites are wood veneer and laminates. Although these look like… Read more »