Month: April 2017

Busting 3 Common Crown Moulding Myths

The beauty of crown moulding makes it covetable. If you’re remodeling your home, you might be interested in getting this moulding. You did your research, yet what you found gave you pause. If you read that this moulding only looks good in certain kinds of homes, that’s just not so. Unfortunately, there are some prevalent myths floating around pertaining… Read more »

Remodeling Your Floors with Fine Architectural Hardwoods

Remodeling your floors is a big investment. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for less than the most premium materials. By shopping for fine architectural hardwoods at Peterman Lumber, you can ensure you’ll get strong, durable, long-lasting floors. Our Floors We have a huge variety of hardwood flooring options for your home, boasting more than 60 species. These… Read more »