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Base mouldings are an aesthetic way to transition from the wall to the floor.

How to Choose Between Wood Veneer and Laminates

While there are many types of wood out there, sometimes companies that manufacture furniture and other home goods don’t use just one type. They create a composite instead. This typically includes other materials like particleboard to make the wood composite more cost-effective. Two examples of these composites are wood veneer and laminates. Although these look like… Read more »

Four Smart Reasons to Choose Plywood Panels for Your Home Remodeling Project

When planning a home remodeling project, you want to use materials that are sure to last. Otherwise, you’ll have to renovate again in just a few short years. Plywood and wooden panels are great materials for both commercial and home building projects. Need some convincing? Check out these four smart reasons to buy plywood panels…. Read more »

The Benefits of Formica

Your kitchen countertops are the source of a lot of activity: this is where you prepare food, cook, and clean. However, that doesn’t mean these have to be unappealing. If you’re remodeling your kitchen counters, why not choose Formica? Formica is a laminate most often used for countertops. Although it hasn’t always gotten the best rap, it’s… Read more »

The Differences Between Crown and Base Moulding

If going for a look of grandeur, it’s the little touches that can really add up with a home remodeling project. Artwork frames, curvy couch legs, and moulding all provide special flourishes. If you’ve never really noticed the moulding in your home before, now’s the perfect time to give this architectural detail some attention. What… Read more »

What Are Thermofused Melamine Panels?

When remodeling your home or office, you want durable materials that can hold up to years of normal wear and tear. You also want something inexpensive that sticks within your budget. Thermofused melamine, sometimes also called thermal-fused melamine, is the answer, as it’s both tough and cheap. What is thermofused melamine? Thermofused melamine panels are often… Read more »

How to Choose the Most Durable Lumber for a Commercial Building

A strong building starts with a strong foundation. Whether designing and erecting a building or adding to a preexisting one, the foundation must be able to endure environmental factors and natural wear and tear. Lumber is a durable choice for the foundation of a building, but there are so many types. How do you choose?… Read more »

Tips for Decorating with Crown and Base Moulding

Crown moulding, which adds flourish to the upper walls in the home, and base moulding, which provides visual appeal to the bottoms of the walls, really liven up a room. If you’re thinking of getting new moulding for your home, you may not be sure where to start. You want to pick moulding that won’t go… Read more »

Planning a Commercial Building Project? Choose These Varieties of Durable Lumber

The lumber you choose for a commercial building project is very important. If you buy cheap wood, it could snap, which would be disastrous for the project. If you buy up though, you could spend far more than your budget allows for. If you’re looking for durable lumber for your building project, keep these types… Read more »

Three Great Reasons to Get Crown and Base Moulding for Your Home

If you’re bored with a room and you’re planning a remodeling project, you don’t always have to gut the area and start over. Sometimes, making one major change in a room, such as getting crown or base moulding, is enough to transform the look of the space. You can just rearrange some furniture and voila,… Read more »

Why Choose Thermofused Melamine Panels for Your Next Project?

Remodeling on a budget can be hard. Most of the time, you have to cut corners, which can result in a less than stellar finished product. Avoid that disappointment next time with thermofused melamine panels. Made mostly of particleboard with a treated top layer, these panels are an ideal pick for your next refurbishment. Whether… Read more »